Mr. Roy Schestowitz is the ringleader in a hate campaign involving transgender and disability discrimination on his website Techrights and his wife’s Tux Machines site. This involved doxxing, defamation and group stalking that made me feel unsafe and discriminated against.

The bald faced lies he published are designed to spread hate and transphobia towards me and other transgender individuals by defaming me and making fabrications to destroy my reputation online. He is engaging in pure DARVO, pretending to be a victim when he is the perpetrator.


1 Every person has a right to equal treatment with respect to services, goods and facilities, without discrimination because of race, ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin, citizenship, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, marital status, family status or disability. R.S.O. 1990, c. H.19, s. 1; 1999, c. 6, s. 28 (1); 2001, c. 32, s. 27 (1); 2005, c. 5, s. 32 (1); 2012, c. 7, s. 1.

Infringement prohibited

9 No person shall infringe or do, directly or indirectly, anything that infringes a right under this Part. R.S.O. 1990, c. H.19, s. 9.

Human Rights Code, R.S.O. 1990, c. H.19

Roy seems to think that labeling me as a criminal is justification to publish transphobic articles. This is seriously problematic. This is a tactic used by the far-right to demonize transgender people. It violates Ontario’s Human Rights Code.

It all started in July 2023 when I found out that Roy got fired from Sirius Open Source. I told Matthew Garrett in the Techrights IRC channel that Roy was fired. Roy got upset and freaked out. He doxxed my deadname and linked to an old classmates profile that had my deadname and old photo. Roy asked if I helped my old boss collect child porn, essentially labeling me a pedophile. I left TechRights chat without responding. I was disgusted by his behaviour.

August 2023 was the starting point of a distressing campaign of transphobia and harassment that deeply affected me and made me fear for my safety due to the harassment, doxxing, group stalking and defamation that ensued because I am transgender and autistic.

Roy’s wife, Rianne Schestowitz wrote an article about me and other people on the Tux Machines website and he republished it on his own website, Techrights. This resulted in a lawsuit against Rianne Schestowitz and by extension, Tux Machines.

She accused me of being a criminal and claimed that I was evading the police and authorities in Canada, insinuating that I was using the LGBTQ2+ community as a shield. None of this was true at all.

She went so far as to label me as evil, a psychopath, a sociopath, and a serial defamer while asserting that I embarrassed the transgender community and did not represent them.

She even wrote an extremely creepy poem about me.

When someone changes their gender marker and their name, it doesn’t change the SIN number. This doesn’t allow you to dodge debt or criminal responsibility. Claiming such is just to vilify me, saying I’m a criminal and debt dodger to bolster and incite hate towards me for being transgender.

It is false and sensationalist content designed for his news website, which he has done with other people and corporations since 2006.

During the months there was constant hate in their IRC channel, the obsession was intense. Constantly talking about me and referring to me as “Lobsta.”

They said I am lobotomized in the crotch, a lunatic and that I am from a dumpster.

I was put on a list, the “Free Software Hostile Militants” page with a convicted pedophile to insinuate I was the same type of person as Peter Bright. This also implied that I was part of a massive Microsoft conspiracy. Perhaps I’m also in the Illuminati and the daughter of Frankenstein.

Roy often claimed that I belong in a straight jacket within a padded cell. That the government of Canada should cut my arms off so I couldn’t bother people online. He was also hoping that the negative articles would cause me to kill myself.

There were claims the Canadian government “castrated” me, vilifying my vaginaplasty operation.

Another strange claim was that I would threaten to kill myself if the government didn’t give me “crazy checks”, which refers to my autism and transgender status in a derogatory manner. Roy also claimed British Police phoned him saying I was “insane” and “crazy”. He said that it was hard to put autistic people in prison.

I did report him to the British Police, they threatened to charge him if he didn’t stop and months later I reported him again and they did nothing.

The Techrights crew went even further by making unfounded claims about my mental health, stating that I am a paranoid schizophrenic in need of medication. Shockingly, they employed derogatory slurs. They falsely asserted that I was “smelling people,” adding to the unjustifiable and malicious accusations.

The situation escalated as they claimed I had stolen money from “the marital estate” and pressured my ex-wife into signing no-fault divorce papers, adding to the distress caused by these unfounded accusations.

Most shockingly, they resorted to derogatory and transphobic rhetoric by falsely claiming I “disowned my kids” and transitioned “to reset my life”.

I don’t even have kids.

By November 2023, I got tired of it and filed a lawsuit against Tux Machines, and Techrights. I’ve already discussed the lawsuit against Tux Machines in a previous article and this article is about Techrights.

Britney Lozza v. Techrights, approved on February 5th, 2024 by the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario. Unlike Small Claims Court, the HRTO looks at where I am located to satisfy jurisdiction. It doesn’t matter where he is located.

From what I can tell in the IRC logs, Roy thinks it is illegal to sue him. He also seems to think that the magic of screenshots erase copyright law. Perhaps Microsoft should just take screenshots of the Linux kernel source code and GNU Coreutils source code and use Roy’s magic screenshot theory to steal the code. Like he did with my photos.

Has Roy ever written a line of code.. oooof, I mean a line in a legal pleading?

He seems to think he knows everything about the law but he has absolutely no legal education, no legal experience, has written no legal pleadings and required a Pro Bono lawyer to defend himself from the EPO.

Roy also made claims back in November 2023 that this was a fake lawsuit.

Roy has until March 11, 2024 to file a Response to the Application using Form 2. It will be quite interesting if/when he does. I’m expecting more conspiracy theories that I work for Microsoft. I’ll talk about his response when the time comes.

Stay Classy :)