Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) has linked the anti-gender and anti-2SLGBTQI+ movements to extreme violence.

Since it is against the law to carry a weapon, my only recommendation is to get in shape and learn personal defense, such as martial arts.

“CSIS assesses that the violent threat posed by the anti-gender movement is almost certain to continue over the coming year and that violent actors may be inspired by the University of Waterloo attack to carry out their own extreme violence against the 2SLGBTQI+ community or against other targets they view as representing the gender ideology ‘agenda,’” said CSIS spokesperson Eric Balsam in an email to CBC News.

Bill C-16 isn’t enough, what good does it do to enhance sentencing on someone who kills you? I am glad that CSIS is taking this threat seriously. We should all do our part and forward them anything alarming you may find online. Personally, I link the RCMP to X/Twitter posts where I see a credible threat to the 2SLGBTQI+.

There is no “gender ideology” “agenda”, that traces back to anti Semitic conspiracy theories. We simply want to exist, and it is anti-freedom to deny or allow our existence.

This threat is extremely serious and it is even more important now, more than ever, to address inciting hatred online. I am even more focused on litigating against websites such as Tux Machines and Techrights because that is what they are doing. These sites allegedly have millions of hits per week.

Balsam said that while violent rhetoric does not always lead to violence, “the ecosystem of violent rhetoric within the anti-gender movement, compounded with other extreme worldviews, can lead to serious violence.”

“CSIS assesses that exposure to groups and individuals espousing anti-gender extremist rhetoric could inspire and encourage serious violence against the 2SLGBTQI+ community, or against those who are viewed as supporters of pro-gender ideology policies and events,” he said.

That’s right. It is possible to talk about this stuff online without inciting violence, but that is not what is happening. CSIS warns that this may be a further problem in the future.

“Anti-2SLGBTQl+ narratives remain a common theme in violent rhetoric espoused by white nationalists, neo-Nazis, the Freedom Movement, and networks such as Diagolon and QAnon.”

ITAC went on to say that those who embrace religiously-motivated violent extremism in Canada continue “to view members of the 2SLGBTQl community as desirable targets.”

If you are a member of the 2SLGBTQI+ community, please stay safe. It is important now more than ever to not hide in the shadows. We must stand together, report incitement of hatred, litigate against it online and attend pride events. Learn some Krav Maga and/or other martial arts to defend yourself.

It is very important for us as a community to not let the terrorists win. If you see credible threats online, report it to the RCMP or CSIS. Tag them on X/Twitter.

We must show these people we are not to be threatened. If we stand together against the incitement of hatred, we show the terrorists they can’t win. Those who attack us will be punished by the law.

Additional Reading (Not the CBC cited report): Canada Centre 2023 Conference on Countering Radicalization to Violence: What to Measure, How to Prevent

CSIS warns that the ‘anti-gender movement’ poses a threat of ’extreme violence’