In a world facing multiple crises that are putting immense pressure on communities, achieving gender equality is more vital than ever. Ensuring women’s and girls’ rights across all aspects of life is the only way to secure prosperous and just economies, and a healthy planet for future generations.

One of the key challenges in achieving gender equality by 2030 is an alarming lack of financing with a staggering USD 360 billion annual deficit in spending on gender-equality measures.

The time for change is now! Join us on 8 March 2024 for International Women’s Day as we rally behind the call to “Invest in women: Accelerate progress”.

– Source: UN Women

The UN Women’s organization indicates that there are many steps we need to achieve to hit it’s targets for 2030.

  • Investing in women: A human rights issue
  • Ending poverty
  • Implementing gender-responsive financing
  • Shifting to a green economy and care society
  • Supporting feminist change-makers

It is important that we as a society do not attack women. And I mean any women, including trans women. We all need to work together for furthering the cause of feminism.

Feminism does not mean we are anti-man, or that it is sexist against men to have programs and support for women. There are people who would rally around the banner of “All Lives Matter” and while it is true, this takes emphasis off of the struggles of those that “Black Lives Matter” aims to protect.

The same goes for advocating gender equality and trying to alleviate the struggles of women in our patriarchal society.

Trans women are women. All women deserve human rights.

Let us all celebrate International Women’s Day Together!