It seems that Techrights (and Roy Schestowitz) are facing yet another lawsuit. Roy doesn’t name names but the content that he spews seems to indicate that Matthew Garrett is involved. There are links to stuff that is clearly about him, it’s pretty obvious.

Garrett likely has about three years worth of stuff to sue Roy over too, if not more. The most ludicrous were the posts from summer 2023 when Roy was saying that Matt was a drug addict. There were also other false claims about Matt, like being unemployed and living in the woods. Another one is that he isn’t really a programmer and that he just republished Microsoft code for the UEFI Shim.

I would love it if one of them would keep us all updated.

On another related note, the final deadline for Roy is today. It is a legal proceeding of mine against Techrights and Tux Machines through the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (HRTO) for trans discrimination. This tale involves a dark campaign of doxxing, stalking and transphobic defamation involving forged screenshots, logs and other fabrications.

Britney Lozza v. Tux Machines, HRTO FILE: 2023-54633-I

Britney Lozza v. Techrights, HRTO FILE: 2023-54773-I

In the most recent hit piece about me, he recycles his own theory that I somehow forged the address on the form and that somehow makes the lawsuit invalid. Then he says he doesn’t fit the areas of discrimination but he never filed a form arguing this to the Tribunal.

Roy does list “services” in the areas of discrimination (but I guess he never considered that hosting news websites and chat services would mean he provides services).

I did put services on the legal paperwork and explained it in the briefing.

The HRTO did send us both copies of the legal paperwork. They sent us both cover letters with Roy’s full UK address on them. They know where he lives. It is a complete farce that they were somehow tricked into accepting a lawsuit against a UK citizen. Because for some reason I can’t do that?

Roy then goes on to say that it isn’t possible to block Canadians at the network level. There are some problems with his reasoning. It IS possible to block Canada at the network level. A Canadian could circumvent such a block by using Tor or a VPN and I don’t disagree that this is an issue.

The Law has this concept called “best efforts”

Best Efforts: taking, in good faith, all reasonable steps to achieve the objective, carrying the process to its logical conclusion and leaving no stone unturned.

If you block Canada at the network level, you can say you took all reasonable steps to achieve the objective of blocking Canadians so that you don’t have to comply with Canadian law. If a Canadian somehow circumvents this, which is possible, it’s not Roy’s fault they did so.

Roy (and his wife) have taken no steps to counter my legal proceedings. The reality is that he has no defense. He did dox my deadname, he did have people stalk me, he did steal my photos and he has been writing transphobic defamation about me, every Monday, since September 2023.

He really needs a lawyer. There are multiple lawsuits against him for his habit of defamation. Instead of continuing the campaign of transphobic defamation, he could have filed a response and argued all his points in front of an impartial adjudicator.

This is a page from a report against Roy Schestowitz that was made by Sirius Open Source. Roy published this on his website because he thought it was embarrassing for them because he pointed out that co-workers were sleeping with the manager.

I look at the top left where it says 28. This was issue #28. Seems like a long list of problems, with #28 being that he defamed his workplace. They said he was fired, while he said he resigned. I’m skeptical that they weren’t going to fire him.

If your workplace is going to discipline you and you resign, that’s a pretty damning admission that you did what they accuse you of doing. This is a man with ZERO credibility.

What happens next? The Tribunal is busy. I will probably find out in the next few months what happens when he has been deemed to have accepted all of the allegations.

Update 2024-05-28: It would seem that it is confirmed:

Roy says: there’s no reason to invoke a past surname (it’s borderline threatening, one might say psychological warfare).

What about doxxing the deadname of a trans woman? In Roy’s own words, that would be borderline threatening and perhaps even psychological warfare.