Today Roy Schestowitz published his regular Monday morning (GMT) hit piece about me and it is nothing but bald faced lies.

This is in relation to a case against Techrights, and a case against Tux Machines.

He has two screenshots showing a spot in the legal forms where I was forced to use a Canadian province and postal code because Adobe Smart Forms are really bad. You can’t type in another country or use a UK Postal code.

This isn’t because you can’t file an claim against an entity outside of Canada. It is just rare and not a lot of people know you can do this. I’ve done it before, and it is perfectly valid.

He says I did it to “fool the clerical staff”

This is what he didn’t show his readers:

I was totally upfront with the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario. I was just working with the inefficiencies in their Form 1’s Smart Form features. I really wish they would fix it because it is a technical bug.

Clearly this wasn’t a problem for the Tribunal, because they sent Techrights and Tux Machines these letters:

I posted these before but I had censored out more than what is now shown here. I just wanted to point out that Roy is lying to his readers.

As you can see, it was perfectly fine for me to put in “ON” and a random postal code earlier on in the form and give them the correct address later on in the form.

The Tribunal is well aware of where he lives. It is also interesting that he calls this a “fake lawsuit” with a “fake tribunal” but then in the same breath he says I lied to the so-called “fake tribunal.”